Terms of services

Accomodation contract


The accommodation contract is deemed to be closed if the room reservation is accepted by the hotel, whereby the parties do not yet have to agree on all essential parts of the contract. This is done through the binding booking, which is also written by a fax by email. The hotel has to make the booked hotel room available during the rental period. The customer or the guest, however, is obliged to pay the agreed room price. The hotel has to provide the agreed hotel room during the rental period. The customer or the guest, however, is obliged to pay the agreed room price. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, the accommodation contract can not be unilaterally resolved by any contracting party.

§1 If a room is ordered and confirmed, an accommodation contract has been concluded. A legally binding contract is also available for oral, in particular telephone bookings.

§2 The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges both contracting parties to fulfill the contract. The owner of the accommodation is obliged to provide the booked accommodation for the agreed period. The customer or guest has to pay the accommodation price as contractually agreed.

Cancellation / withdrawal

If the room is not used, nevertheless a so-called cancellation fee is due. The cancellation fee will be charged as contractually due consideration less the hotel’s own expenses saved. Not incurred operating costs (for example, for unused terry towels or room cleaning, etc.) the hotel has to charge. Maximum however 20% of the agreed room price. However, during periods of the Frankfurt fairs, the hotel may charge up to 100% of the agreed room price to the customer. If the guest does not cancel, the so-called ‘no show’ case occurs. Also in the ‘no show’ case fees – as the “cancellation fee” due.

§3 A unilateral, free resignation (cancellation) by the customer or guest of a written booking is excluded.


Free cancellation (if agreed separately) – are ONLY possible until the agreed date Cancellations made by the given date are free of charge. If canceled later or in case of no-shows, no-shows will be charged in full for the price of all nights booked and must be paid by the customer. Single nights of a confirmed booking can not be canceled. The complete payment of all booked rooms / nights (if not free of charge / canceled in time) for the entire duration of the booking period will / must be paid by the customer or guest.

§4 If the guest nevertheless withdraws from the contract, he is obliged, irrespective of the time or reason for the withdrawal, to pay the entire, agreed price. The owner of the hotel must, however, save saved expenses (maximum 20% of the room price) on his claim. During periods of the Frankfurt fairs, however, the hotel can charge 100% of the agreed room price to the customer or guest.

§5 The owner of the accommodation company is paused, an unused booking in order to spare the customer / guest costs, if possible to rent elsewhere. The owner will have the saved money offset against the cancellation fee claimed by him.

§6 The owner of the accommodation company must offer the guest an equivalent accommodation in the case of non-provision of the booked accommodation (eg due to overbooking). Only in cases of force majeure, for example in the case of natural disasters, will the owner of the tourist accommodation be released from the service.